ImmStock is an index of Immortal actions, to show the effects of their actions on the mudding populace. This is not intended to be an indicator of popularity, though popular actions may have an effect upon the indicator. All Immortals start with a default value of 10, fluctuations are based on the severity of their actions. Actions where the Immortal responsible is invisible or otherwise undiscernable will affect the 'Administration'.

 A new feature has been added. If nothing outrageous occurs for a month or so, the Administration gains a point. It will be assumed that the adminstration is doing something productive, instead of idling.

Recent changes

  • +1 for Linda, Loril and Akael for work on the DH Map.
  • +1 Adminstration for reimming Tricops (to be added here shortly)
  • +1 Administration.
  • +1 Gonnil, Meekon, Shadrack for activities hosted.
Name Rating Name Rating
Thoric 10 Blodkai 10
Kali 10 Edmond 10
Nivek 10 Altrag 10
Kinux 12 Ceirana 11
Conran 13 Stoneheft 10
Loril 11 Destre 10
Darshanin 10 Alysira 10
Linda 11 Lopuis 10
Romani 7 Shadrack 11
Korim 10 Rhadamanthus 10
Cappadocius 10 Gonnil 11
Akael 11 Herne 10
Meekon 11 Gatersade 9
Gisselle 10 Reatha 10
Administration 7

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