A great evil.

>>> My title was:
50 Thief Poromenos is selling webhosting, $1/mo, inquire within. (Ringbearers)

>>> I then log on to find:
By what name are you known (or “new” to create a new character): Password:
Last connected from: (Link-Dead)

You have lost your ability to set your title. Contact an immortal if you
wish to discuss your sentence.

The game administrators have left you the following message:
As per help traffic, only game related items should be advertised (or placed in title) unless special permission is given from the CoE. Feel free to contact CoE if you have questions.

>>> I do a help traffic, to see the law I broke:
Syntax: traffic

Traffic is akin to the old auction channel, meaning it is a
simple channel on which to offer to buy or sell whatever game
related item you wish to buy or sell.

Please do not spam other channels with offers to buy or sell
goods. Use the traffic channel.

Avatar traffic is seen only by avatars, and non-avatars see
only non-avatar traffic. Immortals on the channel see and
are seen by all.

Traffic is to be used for the exchange of equipment and price

See also: AUCTION

>>> So uh, yeah. Way to go to please players. My title was clearly ruining the game, therefore it had to be removed. Sometimes I think of advertising the MUD on my site (which gets like 1,000 uniques/day), but then something like this happens and I remember why I don’t.


(EDITOR’S NOTE: Poromenos has sent me an update, and I’m posting it below:)
I had set Fadhb’s title to something like that too before the incident, and I didn’t change it afterwards (since noone told me), and this morning Loril noticed. She told me that the license doesn’t allow people to profit from the game, and that that’s what I was doing. While I don’t agree with that (I don’t think that falls under the license) I understand her point of view and changed the title myself.

There’s a tiny difference between these two. Loading a player up, notitling them and leaving them a message pointing to nonexistent laws should be done in extreme circumstances, which I don’t think anyone will classify this as. Telling a player what is wrong with their title and explaining why they should change it is obviously a far cry better, and usually leaves both the immortal and the player satisfied. If more imms handled things calmly, I don’t think there would be that much dissatisfaction, notice how both methods achieved the same end but with different satisfaction rates.



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