The Great White RP Conspiracy of Doom

It’s easy enough to spot stupidity when it barges into your mud and turns into an imm and a Nations Advisor. But to then have that stupidity infect a whole Order and go on to rip RP to shreds is a bit much. I speak of course about the Great White RP Conspiracy of Doom: the Order of SI is trying to conquer the Nations, bringing it under their thumb and subjecting its Kings and Lords to grueling slave-work, mopping up their floors and cleaning their toilets.
This strawman of a conspiracy is easily seen through. It would be easily discovered if SI had notes on their board calling for the outright and out of character conquest of Nations. In a conversation I had with Gonnil, he had accused me of holding this view.
The conversation started out with Tonitrus and I discussing the poor state RP was in, and many opinions place the blame squarely on Romani’s shoulders. Whether she really ever had enough importance or influence to sink the ship of RP is up for debate, but it’s easy enough to spot where she’s made mistakes when they’ve been made.
Enter Gonnil, Stage Right. “She has many responsibilities, really!” If any one has taken a look at her responsibilities, they require her to do nothing.
The note that grants her authority and details her responsibilities spends more time detailing what she is not responsible for (“mediating disputes”).
It is sort of like volunteer-work, but less binding. Do what you want, when you want, if you can, but don’t worry about it.
“There’s a whole RP world out there that you don’t know”. This does not bode well for Tonitrus and I. Gonnil, who is not familiar with the RP world nor has he taken any time (or so he says) to find out, can see a whole RP world that Tonitrus (a dedicated Human Nation RPer) and I (Dwarven Nation Leader) cannot see. The truth is that there is indeed a whole world of RP out there, but Gonnil did not know the truth of his words. There is Nations RP, but there are also plenty of RoD-based groups that RP off-the-mud. That is, they might very well be AIMing each other things like “emote slays you in cold blood!” or “emote nibbles on your nipples”. But Gonnil didn’t realize this, and that was not what he meant. I’m not sure if Gonnil caught the point when I mentioned this point about off-the-mud RP to him, but the point is this: If this MUD will not actively support RP, RP will simply move off the mud. The fact that it has should point to something not being completely right with the RP world. And I do not mean short emote buffers.
So, what is it? Here is where I laid out my theory to him, one that he scoffed at and promptly strawmanned. I simply stated that the Order of SI with Romani as the Deity as well as acting Nations Advisor is hurting the growth of Nations RP by installing Nation Leaders from the Order instead of from the Nations themselves. Or, more importantly, that Romani is simply installing people that have no mandate.
“Ohh yes, of course, SI is an evil empire out to rule the world!” No Gonnil, that’s not what I meant. I think Falennt is a fantastic individual, and a very diplomatic leader. If he bears ill will towards the Nations, he is very good at hiding it. But the shift in numbers of Nation Leaders that were affiliated with SI from a year ago to now is breathtaking. And since SI used to have Aslan in their ranks, I doubt it was because of the quality of the RP.
“But Ex, maybe those guys had mandates!” Maybe. One doesn’t have to jump to conclusions based on these numbers alone. However, does it not seem strange that someone would have enough hours in the day to curry favor with a nation AND churn out 5 scenes a month, as per SI’s quota? Being able to play the National Politician is one thing, being a quality RPer is another, and filling the scene quota is a third. I find it incredible to believe that a single person can do all three (and well enough to warrant positions of power). I find it even more incredible that SI does not have one, but at least 5 or 6 of them in their ranks currently. Yet we don’t see them on Who SI very often, if at all.
So, I think SI is the devil? Not at all.
I simply think that Romani and SI are human beings. I’m sure that they thought that there was no one else to do the job, and in an Order, views are easily homogenized and made insular. The most current example of a fuck-up by Romani would be her conscious decision to make Malcom the Human Nations leader. The Human Nation has RPers. It used to have a leader too. Tajah (SI). Tajah managed to disappear. The Human NL spot was free. Suddenly a character named Malcom was created. And suddenly he was considered a viable candidate for the NL spot, despite the fact that there were other RPers already there, who knew the history of Lomar better, and who knew other RPers in the human nation.
Why was Malcom able to do this? Malcom is the non-SI alt of an SI member. As a member of that Order, he has access to an immortal and a community which is willing to help him think of quests, support his bids, and, with Romani, build and implement his quests. This would be the charitable interpretation of the situation: that he simply has a closer ear, more resources. “Pish tosh, Ex. You could always send Romani a tell!” Of course. She is ever so helpful. The last time I sent her a tell, I informed her that she may have made a mistake and was called a “whiner, waaaah” for the next 10 minutes.
The lynchpin in all this is not SI. I think they are acting the way humans would act when put in the situation they are in. If I led an RP order, I’d like to see Nations Leaders among my members. If I led a pkclan, I’d like to see pkillers. The same principle applies.
The real problem is Romani. The conspiracy, if there even is one, lies with her. And that is the real point of this article. As much as I know you are all dying to hear about the RPworld and my thrilling conversations with Gonnil, this article is about Romani’s inept handling of RP matters.
Her role as Nations Advisor and the Deity of SI is a conflict of interest. She authorized a Nation Leaders meeting where half of all NLs showed up (around 6), and of those half all but one were from SI. She may as well have just used Ordertalk. RPers have left RP or stopped RPing because of her. Nations are solidly against her very presence in RP, and for her part, she is at least smart enough to not meddle with them. Or she just doesn’t know the vnums to Qetag’s Reach. I haven’t quite figured out which one yet.
Am I spouting bullshit? Write in, I’m all ears.


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