Hello all,
seeing how forms of communication in RoD can be (I’m not saying they are) censored, I have decided to create this site where you can freely (well, as freely as I can, since I will obviously not be posting mails of the type “lol ur a fag”, and that is censorship) talk about what you think of RoD.
When I say RoD I mean all aspects of the game, be it Immortals, players, economy, areas, etc. You can submit content by simply emailing me at, and I will publish it. You can sign it or not, use your name or a pseudonym, that’s up to you. If you’re concerned for your privacy, you can use the GMail account to email me, the password is “anonymous”.
I hope that this site can better the experience in RoD for all of us, and urge you to send me any thoughts you may have.


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